Building an interventional service for DVT

Virtual Room 1

ESVS Academy session
15 October 2020 20:00 - 21:00

This workshop is aimed at (interventional) radiologists, vascular surgeons and vascular trainees of a competent or proficient level.

During this workshop, upon presented cases, participants will discuss with the convenors about  the management of acute venous thrombotic occlusion and the different options to treat those lesions including thrombectomy with the option to use local lytic agents or not and stenting,  and also various factors influencing the outcomes of a deep venous stenting procedure.  Aspects such as decision-making and planning, intra-operative imaging, stent-technologies and the procedural steps will be looked at. 

We expect a wide discussion among participants moderated by the experts in the decision making process, suggestions of different way of treatment technique and any remarks or questions given during each presentation or at the end of the workshop.

Learning objectives:

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
Interpret diagnostic imagery of patients
Explain difference between Pharma-mechanical Thrombectomy (PMT) and Mechanical thrombectomy (MT)
Describe treatment options of the lesion: PMT MT thrombectomy, venous stenting
Describe the decision-making and planning-process for stenting in the deep venous system
List the advantages of stenting vs. conventional/conservative treatment of deep venous pathologies
Explain the advantages of using IVUS for a stent-implantation in the DVS 

List the procedural steps for performing stenting in the deep venous system

Pre-learning will be sent to registrants ahead of the online session.


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Houman Jailee Co-convenor